Getting To 500!

So, I've had a back log of blogging and have been trying to catch up. I have a vague list in my head of topics and birds to talk about and get them in the blog when I can. One of those is getting my 500th bird.

It happened quite by accident. I was out with my buddy Clay doing some digiscoping when out of nowhere and WAY out of range was a huge bird. It was the type of bird that is instantly regonizable, an icon bird. A bird I have dreamed of seeing for some time:

Holy Crap! It was an albatross. I was shocked, I've wanted to see one for so long and there it was up close and we were able to get some fantastic shots. Of the top of my head, I didn't know which species it was, but who cares, I knew that I didn't have ANY albatross on my list. This was it, 500--some type of albatross. I took notes on my Remembird and would confirm the exact ID when I got home. I noted that the bill seemed much smaller than I expected. We spent the next several minutes digiscoping the crap out of the bird.

This morning, as I was getting dressed and going over blog topics in my head, I suddenly realized something. "Dammit!" I shouted.

"What's wrong?" Non Birding Bill asked.

"I thought I got my 500th bird and I just realized it was a dream!"

"So, you still have that bird to look forward to, it's not so bad."

"But I was going to blog about it this morning!"

Insert uncontrollable laughter from my husband here.

I did not see an albatross, nor did I digiscope it, nor did I get my 500th bird. Maybe a martini right before bed isn't the best idea.

The photo in this entry is actually by Dr. Michael Double.