Gray Squirrel Massage Parlor

Last week I wondered why there were four squirrels out on my bathroom window ledge. Apparently, they are running some sort of Swedish massage parlor. These two squirrels were out using a nearby branch for a massage table and getting some deep tissue work on their backs and shoulders. The massaging squirrel would use its front paws and teeth to get all those hard to reach areas. Here's a video and as always, I recommend going to the YouTube page and click on "watch in quality" for the full effect:

Isn't that just too adorable for words? I especially liked how the squirrel doing the massaging was dangling its back foot as it tried to get some of those hard to reach areas. After a bit, the squirrels switched roles:

This didn't appear to be a mating thing, there was no copulation that followed, they were just socially grooming each other. I didn't know that they do that, but then again, I'm not the SquirrelChick.