Yo, What's With Comment Moderation?

Hey, I have to put on comment moderation for a bit, I have a spammer. I woke this morning to about 29 comments in as many blog entries with spam comments. Guys, at least spam me with birding related product...not that other stuff.

Speaking of spam and things pork related, I have to say that this year's Minnesota State Fair is all about the bacon! The two big foods introduced this year are bacon themed. Above is Big Fat Bacon, which is a one third pound of bacon on a stick. It's lightly maple glazed and if you are a fan of thick bacon, you'll be a fan of this and feel that you got $2 worth of bacon on a stick.

The other big food is a Pig Licker aka chocolate covered bacon. That's right folks, the Famous Dave's booth Throw in a Midol and you've got the perfect PMS snack.

They were giving out samples at the KARE 11 booth on Monday and since I was there doing a bird segment, I got to try them. They're not bad, I'm not sure I would want to eat more than one, but just the sample I had was a perfect combo of salty goodness and dark chocolate decadence.

I love the woman's face behind me, as if she is wondering, "I can't believe that she's going to actually put that in her mouth."

Tomorrow is the Ian and Margery field trip at the state fair (wow, between that and Birds and Beer, Thursday is just party day for me). We start at the fm107 booth at 10am and take the skyride around the fair. You have to sign up as there are only so many spaces and it's first come first serve. Some of the field trips have been filling up before 9am, so if you want to come along, sign up early. I'm hoping we'll get to see the resident Cooper's hawks or peregrine falcons. Afterwards, Non Birding Bill is going to meet me and we'll sample a few other choice delicacies at the fair and visit our favorite: crop art!