H to the O to the L to the Y to the CRAP!! Heron Eats Rabbit!




Disapproving Rabbit fans and general cute bunny lovers (that means you, Non Birding Bill) do NOT want to click on any links or even read the following blog post.


But it is bird related and I find this horribly fascinating as a birder and I think that's enough stahling.

A grey heron has eaten a rabbit--and there's photographic documentation. Yeperooni that is the headline. I just did another Big River Journey today for the National Park Service today and I was just discussing the things that great blue herons will eat: fish, frogs, smaller birds, snakes, nestlings (there's a reason red-winged blackbirds bop the on the head). A little boy brought up that his neighbor told him a heron was chasing chipmunks on their lawn. It's not common, but a small chipmunk is certainly not out of the realm of possibility for a great blue.

Well, according to the Telegraph in the UK, Ad Sprang got photos of the great blue heron's cousin, the grey heron getting a rabbit. Not just a wild rabbit, a domestic looking rabbit.

This is the final photo...as you can make out from the heron's bulge, this did not end well for the rabbit. I'm not going to post all Al Sprang's photos here in the blog, there's just too much of a conflict of interest between the bunny lovers who read my blog and the birders. Just follow this link...