Some Interesting Updates Like Tom Carver Stole Kelly Munday's Images

I did a little hawk trapping over the weekend (emphasis on "a little") and am doing Big River Journey for the next couple of days. I'm using tonight to try and catch up on lots of email and phone messages...why is it that last-minute-OMG-I-need-this-done-now emails come in when I take a few days to go where there is no cell reception or Internet access?

I did just find a couple of interesting updates to old blog posts that came in. One from Kelly Munday, the woman who took the photos of the bald eagle attacking the trumpeter swan. Here is what she had to say:

"I am Kelly Munday the real photographer. The fake person Tom Carver has tried to claim credit for my photos...not sure why??

Anyways, they were taken by myself in April 2008 on Lakelse Lake near Terrace BC. The birds are a bald eagle and a trumpeter swan, both common to Terrace. The series of pictures that I captured are unique in that no one has ever captured this event before. I have talked to other locals that say they have seen signs of a struggle but no witnesses. The whole story can be read here."

In other news, remember the fuzzy leaves at Mr. Neils? Liz Jones thinks she has found the answer at Thanks, Liz!

On a weirder note, someone is looking for starlings?! This came in on a really old post, so thought I add it here to give him some more views:

"Hi Starling lovers.

I live in northwest Missouri, and have several starlings. I have seen some white and partially white starlings and have been trying to obtain some. If anyone can help me obtain any white or part white starlings, please contact me.

My email address is

Gary "

Now, keep in mind that starlings are an introduced species in the US so it is legal to keep one as a pet, don't send him emails telling him that it's illegal. It may be weird, but it's not illegal. And for the few who have not seen it, here is a link to a Weewoo the talking starling videos.

For all my readers: