Bird Dance Off

Okay, this isn't wild bird related but if it's a slow day and you need some amusement, you can see the winners and finalists for The World's First Dance Off. announced today the "Top Bird Dancer" and runners-up of its widely successful online-based contest, "The World's First Bird Dance-Off." The winner of "Top Bird Dancer" title went to Poirot, a Congo African grey belonging to Mother Barbara of the Convent of St. Elizabeth in Etna, Calif., with 1,334 votes cast. Second place went to Marley, a green-winged macaw owned by Paula Sloniegora of Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada, with 1,107 votes.

All I can say is that Marley got robbed! Yeah, the African gray threw in a couple of wing moves, but Poirot is bouncing off beat and c'mon, those kinds of moves to Vivaldi. His owner needs to get with the program, that bird wants to listen to some Fergie-Ferg. Marley is at least on beat as well as rocking a couple of different moves.