birdJam for the Yucatan

Anybody need some bird calls for the Yucatan?

has just completed the editing and development of the new birdJam Maker Add-On Module for the Yucatan Peninsula. Both Mac and Windows versions are available and priced at $19.99; photos are not included.This new add-on module formats and organizes the new CD of Bird Songs of Mexico: Yucatan Peninsula, Volume 1. This 74-minute, 90 species collection is remarkably free of extraneous noises such as wind, insects, and other species of birds.

The CD and accompanying booklet were recorded and produced by Antonio Celis-Murillo, Fernando Gonzalez-Garcia, and Danny Meltzer. The CD and booklet are priced at $19.99. Both the birdJam Maker Add-On Module and CD/booklet can be ordered from the birdJam Online Store.