Hairy vs Shrike

One of the people I band birds with at Carpenter Nature Center is Sue Plankis. She had an interesting encounter last weekend:

"At the Visitor Center this afternoon," Sue said, "we watched birds for about 45 minutes warming up from our hike at Bass Ponds. That feeder is an awesome one for comparing Hairy woodpeckers and downy woodpeckers. Occasionally, the birds would scatter and I would look for a hawk or for people walking by but didn't see anything. At one point, there was a quick squabble between whatI thought were woodpeckers and I took some photos."

"It wasn't till I got home and looked at the photos of the squabble and discovered who was making the birds scatter. Cool"

"The second photo is proof that the Hairy said, 'Got ahead punk, make my day.' and that Shrike skidaddled."

Thanks for sharing the photos, Sue, what a cool observation!