Odds and Ends

Cinnamon is driving me crazy. We have a new futon and she loves it. Unlike our old couch, she can hang out under the frame and surprise us by nudging our ankles for fun. Often, I look down between my legs and see her tocks kicked out beneath me (as seen above).

I have a small bottle of lotion that I use on my face--it's expensive, it's cruelty free, good SPF, hypo--allergenic, blah blah blah. I always get cruelty free no matter the expense--animals should not have to suffer through cosmetic testing for my vanity. Yesterday, I dropped the lotion and it rolled under the futon, Cinnamon made a jump for it. When she first reached it, her dew flap caused it to roll further and she chased it. When she caught up to it, she started chewing the dispenser. "Hey!" I yelled. "That's not your's." Knowing she was in trouble, she grabbed the lotion with her mouth, and ran away to escape into her Cottontail Cottage. I got it back, but the danger of buying expensive cruelty free products, is that your pets often want to eat them.

There are a lot of eastern bluebird flocks on the move in Minnesota right now. Many will head further south, perhaps not far (I remember seeing them in winter in Indiana) but some bluebirds will stay in southern Minnesota if they can find enough food.

Yesterday on my bike ride, I found this sphinx moth caterpillar running across the trail--I think it's a galium sphinx moth. I've reading about them on different bug forums and am going to get him to pupate and overwinter it. Anyone have any tips? It's a dynamite looking caterpillar.