Bill Oddie In Trouble

Wow, people in England are really have their panties in a bundle over their hosts. There's already the brew haha over Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross now, bird host Bill Oddie is in hot water. According to This Is London:

Viewers of BBC2's Autumnwatch complained last night after host Bill Oddie broadcast video film shot at his home in Hampstead. It showed a grey squirrel lying dead next to an electric cable it had tried to bite through. Oddie, 67, was heard laughing as he told viewers: "It's not a sleeping squirrel, he's literally dead," and joked: "You squirrels, don't do it. Better red than dead."

Jane Marshall, 42, who was watching with her three children, said: "It seemed as if Bill Oddie was getting a kick out of filming a dead squirrel."

A BBC statement said today: "Autumnwatch has a duty to show nature 'as it is', which sometimes includes scenes of death."

Seriously, Jane Marshall? You're that upset over a dead squirrel? What naturalist worth his salt doesn't get a kick out of investigating dead stuff? Someone send that woman a copy of Last Child In The Woods.

Don't worry, not all is bleak for Mr. Oddie. If you're on FaceBook, you can join a Bill Oddie fan club called Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, Rub Your Beard All Over My Body. Wonder if anyone will ever start a Kenn Kaufman or David Sibey fan club like that on FaceBook?

David Sibley, David Sibley, rub your...

never mind.