Scott Weidensaul

I was reading comments made by Mike McDowell about the Endangered Species Act changes this morning and noticed he linked to comments made by one of my favorite birding authors Scott Weidensaul. I followed the link to Scott's blog--which I was aware of and the last time I spoke to him he wasn't sure where it was going, just wanted to try it out so I didn't mention it too much here (or check that frequently either).

I read the first sentence of Scott's post, "Although I've been blogging almost daily about our owl research project, I haven't been updating this blog - though there's lots to report. Wait a minute, there's been a blog combining Scott, banding, and saw-whet owls?? Where have I been. Check out Saw-whet Owl Research! You can even follow specific saw-whets. Another great cleanse from the news.