Cracker The Crested Caracara

One of the super cool things on display at Space Coast Birding and Nature Festival was an education crested caracara from Audubon Of Florida's Center for Birds of Prey. The bird was found flailing around on the ground as a fledgling. Examination revealed that the caracara had no wing bones on one side--just a few feathers that grew out of its side. The bird most likely hatched with this deformity. Since this caracara cannot fly, it's an education bird, and a very charismatic one was that.

Cracker was incredibly chatty...unless I had my video camera on on it! He would chat for everyone but me and I tried a lot! Below is a video where I try to get Cracker to talk to no avial (note the great horned owl in the back who rouses and startles Cracker). Finally, Steve Moore of Bird Watch Radio fame came over and only his mellifluous voice could coax Cracker to make his crazy caracara noise...that bird must really enjoy Steve's podcasts!