First Bird Seen (and Digiscoped) in 2009

Stumbled down to the kitchen this morning and there were birds everywhere and the first bird seen and identified was a pine siskin. Well, technically there was a junco too, but couldn't fit it into the shot. So, I'm going with siskin.

Also, in my inbox this morning is an interesting story from the Telegraph of a kingfisher photographed eating six different kinds of fish! Check it out. Thanks for sending it, Laura.

Hope you all had a good time last night and here's hoping for getting along, good bees, good bunnies, good times and good birds in 2009. We had a quiet night of me, Non Birding Bill, and Mr Neil playing Wii Fit and watching Father Ted and The Muppets. It was a quiet highbrow affair until about midnight when...well...I think the Muppets did a fine reenactment here.

That Wii Fit is mean. It assessed me out to be a 50 year old, overweight, unbalanced tart. Mr. Neil and NBB both assure me that as I play more and figure out what the Wii wants, I'll get younger and fitter. I've never had a bird do that to me before. Perhaps I will stick to trudging in the woods.