I Swear More Blogging

Check it out, it's an upside downy woodpecker! Har har, I slay myself.

I have time to digiscope, but I gotta tell ya' it's hard on those digisocping batteries! It's currently -7 (Fahrenheit) and I'm lucky if I can get one full minute out of my camera batteries--and that's keeping hand warmers around my batteries and camera.

I'm focusing my Chi and getting excited for my trip to Florida next week--which I plan to bird the crap out of to make up this week. Space Coast is now the largest bird festival in the country and word is that over 4000 people are expected to show up in Titusville for the event. Not bad for a bird festival in this economy!

If you have any bird requests for digiscoping, let me know and I'll try and get a photo of it in the blog.