LOL! This Bird Related Job Is Not For Everyone!

This is one of the weirder bird jobs that has come into my inbox for awhile. Take special note of some of the highlighted items:

FIELD BIOLOGIST, Rusty Blackbird Project, Status: Temporary non-exempt, Time of Employment: 1 May to 31 Jul 2009. Number of Positions Available: 2-4 depending on funding.

Position Description:
Field Biologists will participate in a study of the breeding ecology and habitat associations of Rusty Blackbirds. These field-based positions will involve conducting surveys for blackbirds and other species of conservation concern, nest searching and monitoring, habitat sampling, target-netting, and collecting blood and feather samples from captured birds. Field biologists will live and work out of remote tent camps in wetland areas in Alaska. Access to field camps will be by powerboat or bush plane. Access to grocery stores, showers and other comforts will be available only occasionally during the summer. Qualifications: Successful candidates must be physically capable of walking long distances, up to several miles a day, over rough, muddy, and difficult terrain, have experience navigating using a GPS, map and compass, and must have extensive experience in avian fieldwork. Field conditions will involve difficult weather, large numbers of insects and possible encounters with dangerous wildlife including moose and bears. Candidates should have skills in one or more of the following areas: nest searching, banding, and/or vegetation sampling. Experience with powerboats and outboard motors a plus. Must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Must pass a gun safety course (provided) and be willing and able to legally carry a firearm.

Compensation: $12 - $17 hr depending on experience, some overtime. Housing (camping) and some food while in the field will be provided, travel reimbursement up to $750.

To apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter electronically to DAVID SHAW
(EM: dshaw AT by 1 Feb 2009. Please clearly state in your cover letter if you wish to be considered for a crew leader position.