New Cards Coming Down The Pike

So, I'm busily compiling on the info on the new product that was at Birdwatch America this year for Birding Business. I'll post more in depth coverage of the new product this week on the Birding Business blog, but one of the things that appealed to me personally were a line of singing bird cards. They're called Birdsongs Sound Cards from Really Wild Cards and the outside has a bird image and the inside of the card has some general info about the bird and a digital recording of the bird's song. And this company speaks my language, not only do they have the usual crowd pleasing cardinal, chickadee, and loon, but also not so crowd pleasing singing stylin's of great blue heron and yellow-headed blackbird. Rock on, Really Wild Cards, rock on. Here is a video demonstrating some of the cards:

My little camera doesn't do the sound quality justice, these things are really cool.

They are in the final stages of development, but should be available in the next month or so and should be popping up at your local wild bird store, nature store, gift store, etc. You might want to suggest it to them to carry it if the cards trip your trigger.