Guest Blogging Day 6: Holly

NBB here. Hope you all had a good weekend! We're back today with an entry from a young birder named Holly, who documents a familiar feeling to all birders: getting nooged, as Sharon puts it.

Hi! My name is Holly, I am 9 years old. Me and my dad, and my brother went looking for the Great Horned Owl of Dakota County. I was so excited; I hurried and grabbed my binoculars, my birding book, put on my coat and I was outta there!!

It took a long time to get there because we missed the exit; my dad got frustrated.

As we got back on track we found the spot, we parked and got outta the car. We had to climb a wall and step on a lamp post, then my dad helped me up.

I looked at the nest through my binoculars while my dad took three pictures.
He tried to take a picture of the nest with his cellphone using the binoculars; it was cool!!
We then crossed the street and went in the tall grass that went crunch, crunch. We went in until we were in front of the tree. I saw that the tree used to be an old treehouse. The nest was very high up.

We went back across the street and went in the car and left.

It was fun, but we did not find the Great Horned Owl, and that was fine with me!

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us, Holly. Learning to enjoy birding even when you don't see the bird is a big part of becoming a birder. Enjoying warmth and sleeping in, however, can lead to raging sanity. FYI.

Okay, we'll be back tomorrow!