Is Peanut Butter Suet Safe From Salmonella Outbreak?


Someone asked me yesterday if it is safe to feed peanut butter suet considering the concern over recalled industrial strength peanut butter containing salmonella. This got me wondering if peanut butter suet is a risk for birds and should I stop feeding it? There's not a lot of regulation when it comes to wild bird feed and the Wild Bird Feeding Industry is such a slow moving organization, I doubt they would have answers. I went to three major suet company websites to see if I could get any info. I chose the three companies that I see distributed the most and these are also the three companies who make suet products that I use in my own feeders and like. Here is what I found:

C&S Suet guarantees that their peanut butter suet is 100% safe and free of salmonella.

Pine Tree Farms has no info and no such guarantee on their website. I'm going to try and call them to find out.

The Woodpecker Attractor plugs (and my personal favorite the No Melt Peanut Butter Suet Plugs) also has no info and no guarantees of safely from salmonella on their website. I'm also going to try and call them this week to find out the situation.