Swarkovski Optik Guest Blogging Contest Voting

All right, it's time to vote for your favorite entry in the Swarovski Optik Guest Blogging Challenge. As a reminder, each posted entry gets a Swarovski Binocular Cleaning Kit and the Grand Prize winner gets Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars!

Each person can vote for one (1) entry! If you want to reread the entries, you can do so by following these links:

Guest Blogging Day 1: Amy Haran : What kind of bird are you?

Guest Blogging Day 2: Lynnanne Fager: Results of a Backyard Bird Bordello

Guest Blogging Day 3: Allison Shock: Vertical napping bark

Guest Blogging Day 4: Art Drauglis: Hawk vs. Turtle

Guest Blogging Day 5: Jeff Fischer: Owls

Guest Blogging Day 6: Holly: Nooged by an Owl

Guest Blogging Day 7: Stacey Wittig: Ravens and Crows

Guest Blogging Day 8: Jeffrey Gordon: Brown-headed Nuthatches

Guest Blogging Day 9: Eric Brierley
: Cardinal damages digits

Guest Blogging Day 10: David McRee: Wild bird rescue

Thanks to all our entrants. We'll be accepting votes until 6 p.m. CST on Tuesday, March 3rd. And once again, thanks to everyone who contributed an entry!