Birds Imitating Audubon

If you're familiar with the artwork of John James Audubon, you know that he put birds in creative positions.  Part of this was that he shot the birds and then put them in a position to paint them.  Like this great blue heron: great_blue_heron_2

I've never seen a great blue heron in that exact position to get a fish or frog.  I'm sure it's possible, but this isn't the typical heron posture.


Check out this egret.  We love Audubon for his early documentation of birds in North America, and we look back and say, "Well, he did the best he could."

Well, he may have been on to something.  Check out this National Geographic photo of a great egret--very Audubon.  Apologies, Audubon, for ever insinuating that your bird poses were outlandish.