Fun Links Monday

A quick word about the next Birds and Beers: we're going to try and combine it with watching woodcocks in April.  We have a lekking spot south of the Cities in Dakota County and then one on the west side of the Twin Cities in Carver.  All I need to do now is find a nice pub...or I could just take my Swarovski flask.  My buddy Steve Ingraham got some video of a woodcock which you can check out here. If the Viera Owl Cam is not enough of bird live cams, you can check out a live bald eagle cam here.  I will warn you, on a windy day, the camera can make you a tad motion sick.

Don't forget that for the most complete list of live bird nest cams, you can check the list at Beakspeak for the latest news and the various species monintored on the interwebs.

I have to give some major props to Birdchaser--he's the host of this week's I and the Bird, a blog carnival that showcases the best in bird nature blogs.  Individual bird bloggers can submit their best post from the last two weeks to the host and then the host organizes it into one creative theme.  This is a great way to sample the many awesome bird blogs out there and if you are a new blogger, hosting this carnival is good way to get people to visit your site.  I always have the best intentions of submitting an entry into I and the Bird but always forget.  Birdchaser was kind enough to pick a post for me.  He gets major web cred though for his oystercatcher theme and design.  Bravo, Birdchaser, to a theme well done and thank you so much for thinking so kindly of my blog entry and including it.  Hands down, this is the best I and the Bird theme yet!

If you're in the mood for something a little gross and well, just don't have a strong attachment to coots, then check out the photo that Chris Benesh took of an alligator eating a coot.  It's a great shot of coot feet, but alas the situation did not end well for the coot.  You have been warned, here is a link to the photo.