Changing The Minneapolis Beekeeping Ordinance

It's currently illegal to keep bees in Minneapolis, one of the many reasons I share a beekeeping operation with Mr. Neil.  There's been a move with the Minnesota Hobby Beekeeper Association to change the law so people could keep a hive in their yard.  There's an article in the Star Tribune and I noticed commenter BeeGirl was quoted: "Kathleen Connelly, a longtime city resident who's temporarily living just over the border of Golden Valley, said she's waiting to see whether the proposal passes before deciding where to buy a house. She now keeps her colonies in Zumbrota.

She called bee prohibitions a relic of efforts by developing suburbs to shed their agrarian pasts. With hiving season at hand, the city hopes to accept applications by June 1 if the measure passes as expected on April 25."

You can read the full article here.