From Owl Cam To Loon Cam

The Viera Owl Cam of the great horned owls nesting in a planter in Viera, FL has wound down to a close.  The young owlet is out and about exploring life outside the planter and the last video is of the owlet perched and dosing on a trash bin. Speaking of odd great horned owl nesting habits, have you heard the story of the great horneds nesting in a Home Depot in Arkansas?  Is our world starting to become more like Futurama?

If you are sad to see the owl cam go, one of the coolest cams I stumbled upon last year was the MN Loon Cam.  I even got to meet Larry Backlund, the man who has the loons on his property and blogs about them.  I just checked the website and it's live.  I saw  a loon swimming around the camera this morning, but no loon on the nest as of yet.