Golden Eagle 42 Did An About Face

I got an update from Mark Martell at Audubon Minnesota about Golden Eagle 42. It looks like the bird started to head north, changed it's mind and went south again. "Our bird’s northward movement during the first 3 days after his release which saw him move north into Chippewa Co., WI  ended there when he did an abrupt turn-around and headed back south to Buffalo County on the morning of March 29.


Our most recent data is through April 2 and he remained in the general area of northern Buffalo County. He moved around the area quite a bit during the day and chose different evening roost sites every night although he spent 3 nights in the general area east/northeast of Nelson, WI. The area he is traversing, and the evening roost sites he chose are consistent with the observations Scott Mehus and I made of other golden eagles during Jan and Feb. and fit with Scott’s overall impressions gained in the past years. We believe most of the adult golden’s have started moving north so we would expect this bird to do the same in the near future."