The Boreal Songbird Initiative, along with other environmental groups like Bird Studies Canada, Nature Canada, the David Suzuki Foundation, among others created a petition called “Save our Boreal Birds” a little over a year ago. This petition will be sent to the Prime Minister of Canada and many provincial leaders, and asks that vital bird habitat be kept intact despite the fact that over 30% of the Boreal Forest has already been designated for development.The Boreal Songbird Initiative is launching the petition on May 12th, and they are currently at about 60,000 signatures.  They'd like to get up to 70,000 before the launch.

Why should you care about this if it's for Canada?


Because many migratory birds that travel through the US and other countries breed in the Boreal Forest to the north, like the above American redstart...


And all of those pine siskins and common redpolls many of us got to see during the crazy winter finch irruption of 2008/2009...


And some of those warblers passing through our yards right now like the above Cape May warbler on their way to the boreal forest to raise some chicks.  Even though this is in Canada, it affects many bird species we enjoy watching.

I have absolutely no idea if online petitions work, but I love what the Boreal Songbird Initiative is trying to do and how much will it hurt to click on a link and ad my name?  It worked with the changes to the Endanged Species Act.  Remember, the previous president relaxed the rules so that federal agencies like the highway department did not have to consult with government wildlife experts before taking actions that could have an impact on threatened or endangered species?

We signed a petition for that back  then ( and okay, so that president didn't listen) but the current president listened and on Tuesday announced that he changed it back and now the government's top biologists involved in species protection will have a say in federal action that could harm plants, animals and fish that are at risk of extinction.


So, let's give a little love to the Boreal Songbird Initiative and birds like this boreal chickadee above (c'mon, how can you say no to a brown chickadee?).  Sign the petition--it will show you as anonymous online if you don't want the world to see.  Encourage friends to do it too.