Bird TV Shows

A couple of birding show are trying to come down the pike.  One is Birding Adventures hosted by James Currie.  I actually met him a few months ago and he did a video clip saying why you should watch his tv show: [youtube][/youtube]

It's not available on tv where I live, but you can order it online and watch it.  I agree that Currie goes a long way to take the nerd out of birding.  If you look on the website, they have him soaring in on a parachute while he screams, "This is what it's like to be condor. I'm coming in to my carcass!  Whooo!"

Another birding guy by the name of Richard Crossley (known to many as one of the authors of The Shorebird Guide) is trying to get a birding tv show off the ground called Wild In The City. Where Currie's show appears to be more of "Hey let's go to cool places and just take in how cool these birds are," Crossley's looks more a listing tour, going from town to town and competing with teams to see who can photograph the most birds in a day.

Crossley isn't your garden variety birder either.  The first time I met him was in a bar in Cape May, NJ.  This British guy dressed as a vampire came up to our group and started talking birds and then moved on.  That vampire birder was Richard Crossley.

Crossley is trying to convice Animal Planet that his show Wild In The City has legs and lots of birders will watch it.  If you follow this link, it will take you to a preview and then a survey asking what you think.