Carolina Wren Foils Lawn Care

Don't forget that there is still time to enter the Birdorable Guest Blogging Contest.  Below are some photos and story that are an example of a fun blog entry. spreader

My sister Robin and her husband Roger who live in Indiana sent me some cute photos from their garage.  Robin wrote,"Three weeks ago Roger went in the shed to get the hand spreader and behold, someone was making a nest."


"The next week, the nest was huge and there were two eggs; the following week an additional two eggs for a total of 4.  They were the size of peanut m & ms."


"Then Roger saw the mama sitting on the nest.  It is a Wren!  How cute she is.  Thought you might like to take a look.  Needless to say, Roger is using the larger spreader this year!  Can't wait to see the babies. "

Thanks, Robin, for sending your sister some great blog material!  I love that last photo--the Carolina wren totally looks like it's saying, "Don't mess with me, buster!"

Never fear, little wren, you are in safe hands.