Contest & Another Birds and Beers

Don't forget that there's still time to enter the Birdorable Guest Blogging Contest.  Get those blog entries in soon. Hey! We're having our May Birds and Beers at Coon Rapids Dam this Thursday, May 7, 2009.  The bonus, Mark Newstrom is going to set up his nets to see if we get any birds.  Sure it will be evening, but it's migration, so anything is possible.  For the start, my buddy Michelle Anderson (and the hottest naturalist in the Twin Cities) will give us a list of coming programs and then we can talk, bird and have a beverage--alcohol is allowed in this park if you would like to bring your own.  We'll start at 6pm.

Birds and Beers is usually an informal gathering at a pub for birders of all abilities to get together, have a beverage, and talk some birds.  However, we had so much fun at the tailgating birds and beers, we thought we would do some more outdoors to add in a little informal birding.