Heroic Mistle Thrush & Humiliated Goshawk

The Telegraph has a great photo and story of a pair of mistle thrushes.  They built their nest on a drain pipe, right where the water goes down.  When it rained, the position of the nest, prevented the water going down, and the gutter would flood.  So, one parent took over feeding duties, while the other blocked the water, preventing it from reaching the nest! Check out the photo and story here.

The Telegraph also has another story about a live goshawk nest cam (how did I miss my favorite raptor having a nest cam) and the fearsome female ended up having a rather embarrassing moment caught on the web cam.  A strong wind came in and the terror of the forest went ass over teakettle out of the nest.  Don't worry, being an accipiter--she can corner really well and made it back to the nest safe...albeit a little less frightening.  The live cam is still going (with sound) if you would like to continue watching the nesting goshawks.