Midwest Birding Symposium 2009

Holy cow, I just checked the updates for this fall's Midwest Birding Symposium and those Ohio birders are pulling out all the stops.  I think this is going to be the birding event of the year! I was already excited to go because Mike Bergin of 10,000 Birds and I were asked to come and do live blogging--our computers will be hooked up to a big screen and you can see us create blog entries (or lots of typos in my case).  I love hanging out with Mike so I was looking forward to that.

But now, I see fun additions to the agenda like Birding by Segway!  I love the creativity of this gathering, but that's what I would expect coming from the birding community that includes Bill of the Birds, Julie Zickefoose, Kenn and Kim Kaufman.  Just take a gander at the speakers list: Scott Weidensaul, Lang Elliot, Al Batt, Jeff Gordon...are you kidding me?  This is going to be a blast.

I hear early registration is still open, who's up for some fun birding and a great time in Ohio? Rumor has it that Chet Baker could make an appearance...that might even bring Non Birding Bill out.