Cardinal, What Are You Thinking?

We split a CSA share with our neighbor Zoe.  The other day I was dropping off her half of the tasty fruits and vegetables when I heard a cardinal chip nearby.  I could tell the sound came from the small tree next to me on the sidewalk, but thought it strange that the cardinal ceased moving or chipping.  I stepped inside my apartment building and waited.  I watched her fly from the tree and stepped out to look in the tree.  She had started a nest. cardinal nest

What's strange is that our street is under some heavy construction all summer long.  She has stared this nest amidst all the noise, drilling, and pounding.  I noticed the start of the nest on Thursday and took the above photo today.

tiny treeWhat concerns me is the pink tape at the bottom of the tree.  Is this tree slated or removal?  They have already moved one large tree on my street.  I think I will talk to the construction guys tomorrow about the tree.  If it's slated for removal in the near future, I may remove the cardinal nest.  Better to destroy the nest before there are eggs and young.

However, maybe the tree is safe from the chopping block and we'll get some interesting cardinal stories this summer.  I've never seen a cardinal nest is such a small and sparse tree.  We have some great tangles of hedges and bushes in our neighborhood in much quieter spots, I'm very surprised she chose this tree.