Cardinal With A Receding Featherline Singing

balding cardinal On Saturday, I was taking some video on a bird walk and this cardinal caught my attention, he's starting to lose his head feathers.  It's an occurrence that happens often enought that it's a question on my FAQ, usually in late summer someone will email me about a crazy looking cardinal and it's a bald one.  Here's a collection of all my blog entries involving balding birds.  I think I have photos of cardinals, a goldfinch, a grackle and a screech owl.  The above bird is about to lose his head feathers and you can see some of his black skin around his bill and his crest is half the size it should be.

However, what really caught my attention what the way the back of his neck puffed out as he sang--he has a little bubble popping up and down back there.  Check it out: