UPDATE! Eagle Attacks Remote Controlled Plane

Amy linked to a really interesting video on Twitter last night. Here's a video of an eagle attacking a remoted controlled plane.  I'm trying to figure out what type of eagle it is.  It looks "booted" (has feathers that go all the way down to its toes) which would suggest golden eagle, but the feather pattern looks more like a juvenile bald eagle...and now I wonder where this video was shot.  Is it from Europe or Australia?  What species of eagle could this be?


UPDATE: Thanks to blog reader Roy Harvey, we have some great stills of the eagle in question:


Note the white "arm pits?"


The pattern of white ont his bird looks like of like a Jackson Pollock painting, it has white armpits, and it looks like the video is from the Washington state area--it's an immature bald eagle.

I suppose a golden eagle really would have taken the plane down.