File This Under Cats & Dogs Living Together

We're talking mass hysteria here. A photographer by the name of Steve Creek got some interesting photos of a female red-winged blackbird and a scissor-tailed flycatcher.  The female red-winged blackbird is incubating the brood, tolerating the flycatcher, feeding the chicks...but then the flycatcher goes to feed the chicks!

Now, I'm a lover and not a hater, but I have my doubts if this pairing can work long term or if it's a true pairing.  What could be going on?

1.  Did these bird truly engage in a love so taboo I dare not speak it's name?  Doubtful.

2. Is there really a male red-winged blackbird nearby but is so busy wooing the ladies in the neighboring territory he doesn't pay attention to how broken his pair bond seems to be? Doubtful, you would think that if he saw that flycatcher near the nest he would dive bomb the crap out of it.

3.  Has this female mated with a male red-wing and then he got nailed by a Cooper's hawk and she's left to raise the brood on her own and the flycatcher has also lost a mate but the urge to feed young is so strong that its happy to feed red-winged blackbird brood (this is speculation why some birds respond strongly to pishing certain times of year).  Who knows?

Regardless, it's a cool observation.