Friday Link Round Up

I get so many requests to mention sites and products on the blog, I may take a cue from the Follow Friday tag that happens on Twitter and offer a Friday Link Round Up.  Also, thanks to Twitter and Facebook  you can find all sorts of fun links that are there momentarily in the ether of social media. Chatter Birds is a new site that is social media for birders.  If you like things like Facebook but would rather connect with birders only, you might check it out.

A long time ago, I linked to the video of a huge flock of starlings landing in a cedar tree causing it to bend.  The man who took that video is Scott Fraser and he and his video are supposed to be on ABC News in the next few days, however, the video and Scott are already online on the ABC site, check it out.

Cornell's Celebrate Urban Birds is having a Funky Nests In Funky Places contest. Take photos, do some painting, write a story, make a quilt, create a sculpture, just go outside and look for bird nests in odd places. When observing nests please be sure to avoid touching them or disturbing the birds.

Here's how to enter: 1.    Email your entry to Links are acceptable for videos. 2.    Write “Funky Nests” in the subject line. 3.    Include your name and mailing address. 4.    Explain why you submitted your entry--what's the story behind it? 5.    One entry per person, please.

Deadline for entries is July 31, 2009

The latest birding blog carinval I and the Bird is up at Birder's Lounge.  This is a collection of various bird bloggers put together in a theme, it's a great buffet of bird writers for you to check out.  Birder's Lounge have a very creative map theme going on this time.

Canopy Tower is having one heck of a deal right now.  If you check out their International Birder's Stimulus Package, you will see that depending on how many nights you book, you can get some free!  I've not stayed there yet (I have got to get there), but I know many birders who have and just love it.  I've met Raul, the owner, and he's an interesting man who loves the habitat and birds, and Carlos, one of his guides shows up at a lot of bird festivals, he's a great guide here, so I'm sure he's awesome there.  Plus, I'm fairly certain he's the best smelling man in all of Panama.  I may have to get a posse together and go down there.

There's some baby screech owl footage from Birdhouse Spy Cam...which I have but I can get it in to my tv, but not my computer...we have some flying squirrels on our window ledge that are dying to make their internet debut.  The screech owl footage is fun.