Filling The Feeders

This is the one time of year that my oh so trendy neighborhood goes insane. I live in an area of Minneapolis where people go for funky restaurants or to get pierced and tattooed.  It's a fun place to live...apart from this weekend--we have there's a huge art fair and a local pizza joint closes down our street for a block party. Fun events...unless they are in your backyard. It's even worse this year because one of the main streets is under construction so parking is already next to impossible. So, rather than sitting at home fuming about how the hippies and their late night drum circles are giving me writer's block, I am keeping Cabal company this weekend and Saturday Lorraine and I will head out to the fair to admire our blue ribbons on our honey. 1 ruby throated

When I arrived, I filled some of the feeders--the hummingbird activity has really increased in the last week, August is the best time to feed hummingbirds up here. The young are fledging and the adults need to bulk up for the coming migration.  As I crouched on the ground filling the HummZinger with home made nectar, I could hear impatient buzzing above my head, they were circling me like coked up vultures, anxious for fresh nectar in the feeder.


As I was topping off the feeders, Cabal was having a stare down with the gutter. Something inside was taunting him and it was his duty to rid the metal tubing of the small furry creature inside. As he would focus and salivate, occasional chitters echoed from inside, causing him to twitch with excitement. He slapped the metal a few times but the creature would not budge.


It set my camera at the opening of the the gutter and got a shot of Cabal's tormentor--a chipmunk.  All it took was for Cabal to be momentarily distracted by some other aroma carried on the wind and the chipmunk beat a hasty escape, ready to baffle the pooch another day.