Whirlwind In Vegas

So, our weekend in Las Vegas went from easy paced fun in the heat to holy crap this is really happening go, go, go, go, go! We got all kinds of footage and now that we have completed the filming and I don't feel like I'm going to jinx anything, I can say I went to Vegas to film some birding segments for the Internet. Some of the filming involved Amy from WildBird on the Fly but the other involved someone you may not think would have an interest in birds.

I have to say, you can get some GREAT birds in and around Las Vegas and if you are married to someone who isn't interested in birds or you aren't into the spectacle of the strip but you spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend needs to go for a convention, you can find some fun stuff.  There are a few good spots right in urban Vegas and some great places just outside the city where on a weekday you can feel like the only person for miles.

One of my favorite things was going to view some burrowing owls.  Here is some raw footage and I would have your speakers on mute, the wind was pretty beastly.  This was filmed on the north end of town:


And to give you a hint of the other segment Non Birding Bill and I are editing...here is a hint--below is a photo of WildBird on the Fly and I with the person I did not watch birds with: