Downy Smack Down On The Suet Log

downies Believe it or not, that large suet log is not big enough for those three downy woodpeckers.  What's even crazier is that the suet that is currently in there is not the best suet on the planet.  The label read "high energy peanut" but when I was mashing it into the holes on the log, it was chock full of cracked corn and white millet.  All part of the unregulated world of bird food--there are no requirements for bird seed manufacturers to list ingredients in any particular order.

downy fight

I love these two females trying to raise raise their beaks higher to prove dominance.  Periodically, one would flare out her wings, not unlike a hawk mantling it's wings over a fresh kill to look to more intimidating.  They resulted in an impasse, and fluttered off chasing each other, leaving the feeder open to other woodpeckers.