I'm Showing People How To Blog

Mike Bergin and I are here at the Midwest Birding Symposium showing people how to blog and use Twitter or heck, just answer Internet questions.  Here is a photo I'm using as a demo: snipe

This this a snipe from the shorebird banding workshop.  Isn't this a dynamite look at this sneaky little shorebird?  How can you say that they do not exist and how can people create such a weird snipe hunting prank with this dude.  More on him later.  Here's an example of a video that you can upload:


We are using this video of great hummingbird action from my trip to Guatemala last February because Operador Latino is in the booth next to us and this is just a taste of the fantastic birds that you can see in Antigua.


Here's a redstart from our trip to Kazakhstan and I'm posting it to show that someone who has never used their new UCA Adaptor with their scope and point and shoot camera can get a reasonably good photo after using it for just an hour.  I remember how bitter I was to be on the trip of a lifetime and forced to use a new camera adapter to take photos and then figured it out relatively quickly.  This is good because many point and shoot digital and video cameras can work with this universal adaptor.