It's Dark-eyed Junco Time

After we did some work at the beehives I took a few moments to get some photos at the bird feeders.  I scattered a little bit of millet since I've seen juncos flitting around on the Twin Cities bike trails and along the country roads near Mr. Neil's.  Sure enough, a junco hopped on the stump with the did a hairy woodpecker.  The suet feeders were full and I even put some old mixed nuts out and still this woodpecker went to explore the millet pile.  There were some black oil sunflowers mixed in with this, so I'm sure that's what the hairy was after.  It was fun to watch the two species interact.  The hairy doesn't appear to care about the junco.  The junco doesn't mind the hairy, but does keep a close watch on the larger bird and seems to make sure that the woodpecker does not violate his personal space. [youtube][/youtube]

I love the nuthatch that sneaks in at the end.