Disapproving Rabbits Note

On the off chance anyone here has not seen it, we have a new logo for Disapproving Rabbits and it's available on a shirt and hat. Sunday, November 29, 2009 is the last day to place an order.

We also have stuff in the Zazzle store which will continue to be available. We don't use Zazzle for shirts and hats because our friend Leann at NoodleTogs does such a great job with them, does them for much less money and Leann's husband Jon was in Non Birding Bill's production of THAC0. We love Leann and her family and love that Disapproving Rabbits stuff contributes to their kids' college fund. We use the Zazzle store to create "on request" items like Disapproving Rabbits shoes (who knew), if anyone has any requests for bird or bee stuff, let me know and I'll create it--titmouse shoes anyone? Bee stickers?