OpenSky Update

I was going to post a second part to my waterfowl surveys but found my inbox chock full of emails. Apparently, my coupon code for OpenSky was a bit more popular than expected. Many shopkeepers were given a code to offer their readers and the surge in traffic with that, combined with the coupon code getting picked up by coupon sites led to the crash. Because so many orders came in, they suspended my coupon code.

The founder of OpenSky realized that this would not set well with me and my readers, after all, I promised you guys a deal and I don't love spamming my site and I don't want to tell you "Hey, gang, do this and then not have it available. So, they said that they will do what it takes to make this right. If you tried to place an order and the code got rejected, contact me at sharon at birdchick dot com about what you tried to order and we will get this worked out.

Sorry about that guys. I do think this is a legit company and once they get their kinks worked out, this will be a great way to help maintain blog cost and more importantly give money to much need bird programs for the American Birding Association.

Thanks for your patience.