I love this female hooded merganser. I caught her the other day as she was splashing around Point Douglas.

I guess the Minnesota weather elves heard all about the two feet of snow had by Washington DC last week and we're supposed to get a storm starting tonight. I have my doubts...when storms are over reported and the weather peeps say we are getting "the snows to end all snows," we tend to only get a dusting. So this soul crushing White Christmas that will snarl last minute holiday travel may end up being a few friendly flakes. And if you doubt that they are hyping this storm, here's a screen shot from one of our local station WCCO:

Picture 1.png

WCCO cracks me up. They are the alarmist weather station. Whenever you want to know the most extreme version of Twin Cities weather--check them out. They will really take on the storms and give you the worst possible scenario. KSTP will give you the skeptical view of the storm, maybe even an expose of how it's trying to swindle Minnesotans. KARE gives you the story behind the storm, the human and emotional aspects of the storm. FOX delivers it like it's TMZ.