Hello all, NBB here. Sharon's still catching up from her trip to Atlanta (where TSA confiscated her deodorant for some reason) so you and I are stuck together. Deal with it. First off, a reminder that Birds and Beers is at the end of the month, and it takes place at a bar where you can watch thousands of crows come to roost in Loring Park. I've made my affection for crows public knowledge, and even if you're on the fence, the sheer number is a spectacle. If you go to Birds and Beers this month and are not impressed, you can punch me*.

* Restrictions:

  1. You must present a receipt from Joe's Garage on the date and time in question.
  2. You must specifically be attending Birds and Beers.
  3. You cannot punch me in the face or neck.
  4. You must allow me to brace myself.
  5. If you kill me a lá Harry Houdini, I will haunt you and all your descendants.

Second... well, I didn't really think this out. I'm supposed to be writing a script for the next show for Theatre Arlo, Macbeth: the Video Game Remix, but we're too busy enjoying the Minnesota weather that's in the positive integers. And by "enjoying" I mean "drinking and watching Arrested Development."

I honestly don't have anything else to share with you. My wacky story of an eagle-spotting gone wrong was ruined by the fact that while taking a joke photo of a squirrel I accidentally took a photo of the actual squirrel who had been mortally wounded by a raptor was something of a bring down. I made the mistake of mentioning this to Neil who mentioned it to Sharon and turned the whole thing into a colosal bring down, which is my essential problem with birds, birdwatching, and nature in general. I prefer to live in a world where animals spend their time delivering your mail and helping you with wacky bank heists.


Sharon says I should mention something actually related to birding here, so I'll just post this video, and we can all go about our business, okay?