Some Winter Bird Feeding

I'll be heading to Atlanta for the birding trade show called Bird Watch America tomorrow looking for the latest and greatest in new birding products. I'll also dip my toe into the ginormous AmericasMart because I suspect quite a few birding vendors are hiding there. I'll probably do quite a bit of preview photos through Twitter if you would like to follow or check that out between blog posts.

My buddy Kirk who is behind the blog Twin Cities Naturalist and I were talking bird feeders last night. I was out getting photos of some of the feeders in my OpenSky store. We started talking about the Yankee Whipper, a feeder I've had great success with that he said had a design flaw. Surprised, I asked what he meant and he sent me this video he aptly titled: Squirrel Abs of Steel.

I think if that's how I had to eat, my abs would rival Shakira's. Yikes.

tree sparrows nuthatch.jpg

I had a meeting yesterday morning and while I was out and about, I stopped at Elm Creek Park for a few minutes just to soak up some birds. I won't have time to do much of any birding in Atlanta--it's all about the bird product. The tree sparrows were the largest numbers I've seen all winter.

sparrow battle.jpg

And boy were they feisty with each other. The nature center does a good job of putting food out, but with our sub zero temperatures freezing the snow solid, easily available food is rare and birds will fight for the best access to the food source.

Speaking of winter survival, Cornell's Celebrate Urban Birds is hosting a contest. They are asking for people to send in photos, drawings, sculpture, video, story, poem--or anything creative to show how birds survive winter in urban environments.

What are you seeing in your neighborhoods?