Baby Three-toed Sloth Scratching Its Face

I have no patience.  I had this idea that I would go through my Panama trip chronologically using my words, photos and even some edited HD video.  But I'm too excited about this baby sloth! I blogged way too early about sloth in Panama.  I didn't think my look at a sloth was going to get much better than the one I saw my first full day there, but sloth ended up being a daily occurrence.  So, here is a snippet of a sloth video that I'm working on.  It's a female three-toed sloth with a baby crawling over her belly and trying to scratch its face that we got on one of our field trips with Canopy Tower.

Warning: may cause your head to implode with its utter cuteness. This may rival my Baby Porcupine Eating a Banana with Hiccups video:


If you're wondering about the sound in the background--a cicada that sounds like a buzz saw.