Canopy Lodge Guide

Here's a preview for a coming blog entry about going out with Tino one of the guides from Canopy Lodge. Raul the owner told me that Tino is known as the "human iPod" for his ability to mimic the many bird calls of Panama--it's no exaggeration.  Here's is a few minutes of Tino in action. [youtube][/youtube]

He whistled the entire time we were out. He would whistle, hear the bird answer back and say something like, "Ant thrush!" As he would walk to the bird's location, he would nonchalantly play air guitar. I asked him if he played and he held up his hand. His fingers showed the well worn callouses of a dedicated musician. It made sense that Tino played guitar. A person with that ability to remember and mimic bird calls must have some sort of musical talent.