Cool Non Leather Binocular Harness

Periodically, I get questions from someone looking for a binocular harness without the leather patch on the back.  They might be vegan or maybe they want a harness without a particular logo on back. I'm happy to announce that someone has heard your request and answered. I get a lot of binocular harnesses. Some companies give them away at festivals like hats because their logo is displayed on your back as you are out birding.  I wore one for Eagle Optics (cause I worked there for a year), I had one from Fat Robin (because I think Jim Zipp the owner is one of the most awesome photographers ever and I have a sister named Robin), I've had one from Swarovski (because I love their optics and they have been incredibly supportive of my website), and more recently I wore one that was a gift from Guatemala.

Aaron Novak sent me a harness recently and I thought I would wear it in Panama to get a feel for it. It's a great harness and it has no leather in the back.  It's held together with a ring in the back.  It's great for anyone interested in a harness--especially those who prefer one without a leather patch in the back.

I used to make fun of binocular harnesses when they first came out.  I called them the bino bra, but once you use one, you never go back to the neck strap.  Harnesses take the weight off of your neck and if you are a lady like myself with a prominent chest, the harness does a great job of working around your chest and hold your bins in place--leaving your hands free to tote a scope or digiscoping camera.