June Birding Quandary

I'm in kind of a quandary about what to do with my June.  I was not planning on going to the fabulous Potholes and Prairie Bird Festival this year--it's a great festival, but work was taking me in a different direction in June.  Then I heard through the grapevine that some bird bloggers are planning a trek to North Dakota including Hasty Brook, Birding Bev, Kat Doc, and Wrennaisence on top of Julie Zickefoose and Bill Thompson who are normally there too.  I thought that maybe I would head out that way for some fun birds and fun people.  I love birding in North Dakota--listening to Baird's sparrows and Sprague's pipits while you're surrounded by chestnut-collared longspurs is the BOMB! Then, someone brought to my attention that Bernd Heinrich is going to be in Grand Marais, MN this June for the Boreal Bird Festival!  I LOVE Bernd Heinrich book and not only is he a speaker but you can sign up for a two day course with the author who gave us such works as Mind of the Raven, One Man's Owl and  Ravens in Winter.

So, I'm really torn.  You can get good boreal birds in Grand Marais boreal forest so it's not a matter of birds. I need to decide--Bird Bloggers or Bernd? I don't have the time and money to do both.

Here are blog entries for the Potholes and Prairies Bird Festival.