Must Listen: Yellow-rumped Caciques

Check out this short clip of yellow-rumped caciques (pronunciation here) in full display mode--you must listen to this crazy sound! [youtube][/youtube]

I'm in the process of editing video and photos from, HD video takes up a lot of space on my poor laptop, but I got some cool stuff.  Panama is a birding wonderland. I've been to several places and I have enjoyed them all, but the birding at Canopy Lodge and Canopy Tower is top tier. I love it because you get a little of everything--natural history, mammals, plants, even cultural history if you want it.

I enjoyed it so much, that I'm going to put together a tour to head there next year. I'm looking at February 2011 but if anyone already knows that they'd love to go and wants to request dates, I'm open.  I have to go back and I love the idea of doing an International Birds and Beers.  If you are remotely on the fence about going to Panama, my future blog entries will change your mind. Definitely in my top three birding places.